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East Devon Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Church Street, Sidford. Devon. EX10 9RL.


Telephone: 01395 578656

Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession which uses a range of treatments and techniques to restore movement and function within the body.

Physiotherapists are experts in rehabilitation. They are trained to handle injury and disease by natural rather then chemical means. They advise patients to help themselves obtain a better quality of life

At eastdevonphysio our approach is to maintain physical, psychological and social well being, taking account of variations in each patient. We aim to aid recovery from an existing problem and to maintain that recovery with specific individual programmes of advice and excercise. Treatments are aimed at relieving pain, assisting recovery and preventing recurrence.


How does a physiotherapist choose the treatment?When a patient presents a problem the physiotherapist will undertake a very thorough assessment. All factors including health and normal daily activities are considered. This helps provide a full picture of the problem and helps the physiotherapist identify the cause. Following consultation, the findings are discussed with the patient and a plan for the best form of treatment is made.


The Physiotherapists at eastdevonphysio are qualified inmanipulation, mobilisation, massage and other soft tissue techniques, excercise therapy, electrotherapies, acupuncture and movement therapy for neurological conditions




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