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The Firm you now know as Ford Simey LLP can trace its roots back more than 250 years to when John Ford established a legal practice in Exeter in 1750. For the first two centuries his practice, like many other great traditional English professions, developed along family lines; largely through his sons and nephews.


However, moving rapidly along the historic timeline to the last 50 years, the Firm has expanded and developed with partners and staff joining from all geographical areas - nationwide and international.

The Ford Simey of today is a result of the fusion of several prominent Exeter Law Firms; business partnerships and marriages that have helped develop Ford Simey into a single, strong, authoritative and flourishing business serving the whole of the westcountry.

Whilst technology and the demands of today's legal business are fast-changing, Ford Simey remains at the forefront as one of Devon's most respected Law Firms. Perhaps surprisingly to some, our business ethic remains the same today as it was back in 1750.

We aim to provide our clients with accurate, reliable and practical legal advice, taking into account individual needs and circumstances. We provide a personal service to our Clients in a competent, courteous and caring manner.



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