Local Rules

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Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds
[i] Over any line of white stakes forming the boundary of the course
[ii] Over any hedge, fence or bank forming the boundary of the course

2. Penalty Areas
Defined by red or yellow stakes.

3. Abnormal Ground Conditions
To include:
[i] All artificial surfaced paths, steps and winter tees
[ii] Staked trees
[iii] Sprinkler heads
[iv] Drains around any tee
[v] On the road [as defined] around the 9th green
[vi] A ball coming to rest in a stone drain around any green may be lifted, cleaned and placed within six inches of the drain on the green, not nearer the hole without penalty [lie of ball only – not stance].
[vii] Any area marked with white lines or stakes

4. Practice Ground
In the absence of a practice ground Rule 5.2b is waived. A competitor may use the course prior to the competition, with the exception of the greens.

5. Temporary Local Rules
[i] Preferred lies are in operation through the green – the ball may be marked, lifted cleaned and replaced within six inches not nearer the hole at any point on the course except in a hazard or bunker.
[ii] Blue posts identify important areas of natural habitat. There is a mandatory drop away from these areas, to the nearest point of full relief, not nearer the hole.